Robyn Kopchinski

Licensed Body Piercer

Robyn has been intrigued by body art & modifications as long as she can remember. She wore several ear piercings at a young age & started getting body piercings as soon as she was old enough. It was then that she knew piercing was the right career choice for her. As a licensed body piercer, she conducts yearly training in Blood Bourne Pathogens.

In 2014, she started working as a sales associate for a piercing only shop in West Allis, Wisconsin. Shortly after, she was offered the chance to become a piercing apprentice. The apprenticeship was divided into two programs—basic and advanced learning. After completing her apprenticeship, she pierced there for a total of 5 years & moved to a tattoo and body piercing shop on Milwaukee’s east side for a little over a year before coming to Ink Era in 2021.

Her portfolio below is just a few examples of the work she’s done here at Ink Era Tattoo. Please call the shop at 262-800-3007 or contact her via email at robynspiercings@gmail.com with any questions and for booking information. Walk-ins for piercings are also always welcome during business hours. Because of COVID-19, we just ask that you please call before you stop into the shop. Thanks for your interest in getting professionally pierced with us!


No Appointment Needed

Piercings do not require an appointment nor a consultation; just give us a call before stopping into the shop, and Robyn will give you availability times and can walk you through the process.


Piercings range from $25 to $120 per piercing. Standard jewelry is included.


We have an extensive collection of jewelry at the shop that you can choose from. Standard jewelry is included with every piercing, and upgrades are available for a small charge.


Extensive aftercare information can be found at SafePiercing.org.