Our Policies

booking an appointment

Thank you for your interest in Ink Era Tattoo. The first step in getting a tattoo is to view our artist’s portfolios—either on this website, their linked Instagram & Facebook accounts, or dropping by the shop to go through their printed portfolios—to find the one whose work matches your style. If you are unsure of who would be the best artist for your type of tattoo, please feel free to email us or call the shop at 262-800-3007 and we can help you.


The next step is to reach out directly to the artist that you are interested in working with to set up a free consultation. Feel free to call the shop or message them via the email or social media listed on their individual pages. He or she will get back to you to set up a time to meet to go over all of your ideas as well as to answer any questions. Keep an eye on our social media pages for last minute availability.


Piercings do not require an appointment nor a consultation; just give us a call before stopping into the shop, and our piercer Robyn will give you availability times and can walk you through the process.

COVID-19 Information (as of 1/1/21)

The state of Wisconsin has permitted us to be open as long as we comply with the state-issued guidelines that are in place to keep our clients and artists safe. Since our work requires us to be in close proximity to you, several extra measures have been added. As an Ink Era client, you must follow these precautionary measures:

  • No one under the age of 18 is ever permitted in the building without a guardian present.
  • To schedule consultations and appointments, you must get in touch with the shop or your artist before coming in.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times.
  • One additional person can wait for you in our lobby. In order to keep distractions to a minimum, they can feel free to pop in on you from time to time to see the progress, but they are not allowed to sit in the artist’s room while you are getting tattooed.
  • All surfaces that come in contact with others will be sanitized between appointments.

If you are not feeling well, have been in direct contact with someone who has COVID-19, or have allergies or a cold that causes you to sneeze, cough, or blow your nose, please reschedule for the safety of other clients and our staff.



The hourly rate of each tattoo artist ranges from $100 to $150 per hour. To determine the cost, various aspects such as the tattoo size, detail, as well as the placement of the tattoo will be taken into account. Small, single-session tattoos are charged a flat rate; large-scale multiple-session tattoos will be priced hourly. When it comes to large-scale work (including sleeves, chest panels, and back panels, etc.), determining the exact cost can be challenging; we will do our best to estimate the number of sessions it might take to finish the piece. Please be aware that the time it takes to complete your tattoo is affected by overall body & skin health, placement, and ability to withstand the discomfort of a tattoo. Payment for multiple sessions is charged at the conclusion of each session.


Piercings range from $25 to $120 per piercing. Standard jewelry is included; upgrades are available.


A minimum of (but not limited to) $50 non-refundable, non-transferable retainer is required to reserve your tattoo appointment date & time with your artist, and is required if the artist produces any designs or digital mockups. The retainer goes toward the cost of the tattoo; applied to the final session upon completion. Additional retainers will be required to book additional appointments.


Cancellations must be provided at least 48 hours before your appointment time. After that point, you will be considered a no call / no show, your retainer will be forfeited, and another retainer will be required to book another appointment.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late to an appointment will also result in a forfeited retainer and must be rescheduled.


If a minimum notice of 48 hours has been provided, you will need to reschedule your new appointment within 30 days of your original appointment date to avoid forfeiture of your retainer.


If you need to make changes to your design, we require a 48-hour notice in order to keep your retainer for this appointment.